Terms of Service Agreement for Computer Services

Michael Young's Audio, Video, and Computer (MYAVC) is only liable for damaged, lost, or stolen customer equipment while that equipment is being serviced by MYAVC. In the event that customer equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen while being serviced by MYAVC, the damaged, lost, or stolen components will be replaced with comparable components at MYAVC's expense. MYAVC is not responsible for unauthorized use of customer data that is lost or stolen. Liability for customer data loss as a result of damaged, lost, or stolen hard drive(s) is limited to $50.00 per damaged hard drive. Liability for failed system backups is limited to the paid price of the backup and travel fees. MYAVC is not responsible for installed equipment failures that fail as a result of manufacturing flaws or improper use. In the event of equipment failure as a result of MYAVC's installation error, MYAVC is only liable for replacing damaged components of the serviced equipment, as well as a $50.00 per damaged hard drive liability of the system that was serviced by MYAVC. For operating systems being re-installed, the customer must have the original disc(s) and agrees that they are authorized to use that operating system. The customer also agrees that they are legally authorized to have all additional software re-installed. MYAVC is not responsible for copyright infringement as a result of mistaken or fraudulent claims regarding the customer's right to use any software that is re-installed. For computer clean-up services, MYAVC is not responsible for lost data as a result of the customer's failure to inform MYAVC of specific data to be backed-up. MYAVC is not responsible for CD and DVD media degeneration and data loss as a result of CD and DVD manufacturing flaws. In regard to computing instruction and advice given by MYAVC, the customer agrees that MYAVC is not liable for any damages or loss beyond the amount paid for such instruction and advice.

If the customer's satisfaction of the computer service is not met, they are entitled to a full refund within a week of service completion, provided that all sold equipment and backup discs are returned to MYAVC.

The customer also agrees that this terms of service agreement between the customer and MYAVC is automatically renewed for subsequent computer services with MYAVC, unless a newer terms of service agreement is agreed upon and signed by the customer and MYAVC.

Prior to receiving computer services, the customer must sign the above Terms of Services Agreement for Computer Services stating that they agree to the terms. If you have any questions or comments please email Michael at mike@myavc.com.

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